Welcome to Sages and Masters

This website is devoted to ancient and new-age wisdom, mysteries and secrets of the masters. We are here because the universe is a living entity, of one-mind, that is trying to become conscious. The changes that have occured in the last few decades of our understanding of our existence has been extraordinary. There has been an abundance of discoveries and new evidence in quantum physics, astronomy, life after death, psychic phenomena, para-normal activities, and even in the current questioning of reality itself. We are living in exciting times and we should cherish it, study it and embrace it.

We are here to study the mysteries of the cosmos, and to learn from the true masters of human genius and insight. A man once said to the universe, “Universe, I exist” and the universe answered back saying “Yes, that is true”, “but it does not instill in me a sense of obligation.”

Its up to us to improve and understand our lives in every way possible. We start with the quest for knowledge and the never ending search for true wisdom. We must meet God and the universe half-way. The universe supplies the opportunity, but we must do the footwork.




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